Like a fella once said: ‘ain’t that a kick in the head’

Red cards. As a Newcastle United fan I know A LOT about them. I also know a lot about poor football and terrible owners, but we'll save that for another day. So, red cards, some are clear cut and some are debatable. None more so than Mane's sending off against Man City. I'm genuinely baffled [...]



A man is alone in a prison. What has he done to be there? He hasn't been convicted of anything. He hasn't broke any laws. He's a good man. Yet there he is sitting alone, confused, scared. Nothing to do but think. He calls out for help, but no one replies. Nothing to do but [...]

Engagement Vultures

Twitter is a wonderful thing. Especially for following sport. Long gone are the days when you had to rely on teletext for updated scores/results. The second-by-second nature of following sport on Twitter is, for the most part, exemplary. You always feel in the loop. You never miss a thing. But therein lies the problem. Some [...]